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JewishNext  is an aspiration to bring a distinctly Jewish experience to global audiences, e.g. Jewish songs translated into English, while unequivocally supporting and promoting the values of friendship, inclusion, tolerance, and diversity.  Our flagship project is " Jewish, the Musical " (  is part of the  Jewish Songs for All mission to make top Jewish songs available to mainstream audiences through translations, especially to Russian and English.  Though Jewish songs enjoyed popularity in Yiddish in the first half of the twentieth century, they seem, unfortunately, to be sinking into obscurity due to the falling number of speakers. However, it appears not to be the case when translated to a major language   (Russian in our case).    In this case, in "Jewish Songs. In Russian" started in 2017 we see that when translations and adaptations are made by a superbly talented lyricist the songs can be not only saved, start a new life and Russian is a
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