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JewishNext aspires to develop distinctly Jewish brands that support and promote the values of friendship, inclusion, tolerance, and diversity. The flagship project is " Jewish, the Musical " ( "Jewish Songs for All" is an umbrella project that sources "Jewish Songs. In Russian" and "Jewish, the Musical"  Jewish songs enjoyed popularity in Yiddish, but, seem to be sinking into obscurity due to the falling number of speakers, but it appears not to be the case with the same songs when translated to Russian.  Since 2017, when the project "Jewish Songs. In Russian" started these simple demos generated a loyal following on YouTube and other streaming platforms, and, attracting new fans, mostly Russian speakers, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, to  these charming reincarnations   The phenomenon is evidence that the best songs that are under threat of being forgotten due to diminished use of the original language can be saved a
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